Foreshock Games is all about creating fun games that we would want to play.  We’re a small shop and family run…everyone has a role to play and we work hard on every element from graphics to sound effects to design.

Ruben Roberts – CEO, Software Engineer

I have 21 years of development experience in various programming languages.  I’ve worked for agencies, telecommunication companies and Big Data companies, but they were always just jobs.  I always wanted more than just a job and have always had an interest in Game Development and being my own boss, so I founded Foreshock Games, LLC.  Our first game is Patternalia and was programmed in Swift for iOS.  We plan on showing love to Android users too and will have an Android version out soon.

Jennifer Roberts – Accountant, Tester

10 years accounting experience across multiple areas of accounting. Loves games, especially puzzle games and trying to break them, which makes her an ideal tester.

Tristan Roberts – Artist, Game Design

Art and gaming are his passion which makes Foreshock Games a great place for him to cut his teeth and perfect his skills in game aesthetics and level design.

Landon Roberts – Game Design, Music

He loves gaming and writing music. This has helped him conceptualize some of Foreshock’s upcoming games and how the music and sound effects contribute to the feel of our games.